Karen Gersch

Karen Gersch is a Personal Transformation Coach.

Karen has guided others on their life path for over 15 years. She has a strong passion for those who are dimming their own light. Karen knows that in taking time to find what is dampening that light, you will begin to fully shine.

karennamaste“I believe that life is beautiful and should be lived joyfully, purposefully and magically! As a seeker of true happiness and joy, I live each day following my life purpose. I invite and encourage you to step into your greatest potential and create the life of your dreams!” -Karen

Karen’s website, Invincibly You, is just a small representation of her incredible skills, passion, and empathy. She is a top notch coach with invaluable experience.

In addition to individual coaching, Karen leads retreats all over the United States, is a talented writer, and a very informative public speaker. She knows how to help people be their best selves and shares that wisdom with One Generation.

Karen loves spending time with her 2 sons and her awesome dog, Makena. Her greatest joys include watching other’s embrace, accept and step fully into their soul’s calling.