Doulas: Breaking Stereotypes

By Brandi Tidwell, Team Mama and Doula 



Let’s talk about stereotypes for a minute.

For those who’ve heard of a doula, some probably picture a hippie in Birkenstocks waving crystals around and chanting, while others may think of being shamed for getting an epidural or badmouthing the OB.

Stereotypes can be pretty funny; but Mama, this one might affect you dramatically.

Although the stereotypes listed above may ring true for some doulas, the rise in natural births across America is bringing with it a new wave of “normal” women wanting choices during their pregnancy and birth.

Along with this change comes statistics showing the positive effects of doulas during labor and birth that even doctors can’t deny!

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it”
– John H. Kennell, MD

From Rebecca Bates Doula Servies

From Rebecca Bates Doula Servies

Doulas don’t just belong in the home. In fact, studies have shown that a doula assisted birth, at home or in the hospital, reduces length of labor, requests for epidural, c-section rates, and more! 

 So why isn’t every mom using a doula?? The problem isn’t the facts, it’s the stereotype!

One Generation is here to inspire change, so we’ve decided to take you behind the scenes during some of my clients births to see what a doula actually does!

You’ll get a firsthand look at everything from an all natural home birth to “the-works” hospital birth and everything in between.



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