Chicken Stock!


HealthBenefits_BoneBrothOh, the benefits of chicken stock! The list goes on and on! In this post, we’re focusing on how to make it.

This recipe is from The Weston A. Price Foundation andSarah Pope, The Healthy Home Economist.

Our 1G Team Members found this recipe to be a great starting point, and good enough to use forever!

Read more of the benefits of broth on the Weston A Price website here.

Chicken feet are SUPER important and very underrated in making stock. Here’s why. Be sure to include them!

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Chicken Stock

You can make chicken stock using either a whole uncooked chicken or with just the leftover bones from which you have removed all the usable meat. (Using backs, necks, and feet work great!)IMG_1614

To make the stock from a whole chicken, place the bird into a large stockpot and just cover with filtered water. You may add the feet to the water as well if you are able to get these from your farmer. Chicken feet impart a lot of extra gelatin to the broth. (Use at least 4 feet!) If you are making the stock from leftover bones, you may want to brown the bones first in the oven, for extra flavor.IMG_1622

Add ¼ cup of (apple cider vinegar) vinegar and stir. Add 1 large onion and 2-3 carrots and celery stalks – all chopped if desired. The vegetables add additional minerals to the stock but can be omitted in a pinch. (You can also add spices!)

Let stand for about 30 minutes to let the vinegar begin to draw the minerals into the water.

Bring water to a boil and skim off any foam that comes to the top. This foam consists of impurities and off flavors.

Reduce heat and let simmer for a minimum of 6 and up to 24-48 hours. About 10 minutes before taking the stock off the heat, add a bunch of parsley to add even more minerals to the broth.

Remove the whole chicken or bones. If you used a whole chicken, let cool and remove the meat from the carcass. This meat is wonderful for chicken salads, sandwiches or Mexican dishes. Soft leftover bones may be given to your pet or discarded.IMG_1811

Strain the stock into a large bowl and keep in the refrigerator until the fat comes to the top. Skim off the fat and reserve in small glass bowls for sauteing vegetables.

Store the stock in quart-sized or half gallon containers. Stock kept in the refrigerator will keep for about 5 days. Freeze what you will not use within that time.


And there you have it! Incredible chicken stock!

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