6 Ways To Not Lose Your Shit While Pregnant


Here is a snippet of this article from MindBodyGreen!

“Here are some helpful guidelines which can help you stay healthy, sane, comfortable and happy throughout the twisting and windy road of pregnancy.

1. Nourish: Feed yourself the BEST food you can get your hands on. As we know, diet plays a huge part in a healthy pregnancy. There are more and more scientific studies documenting how a mother’s diet sets her child up for future health. So, take this to heart. egg-653303_640Fill your diet with tons of organic fruits and vegetables, lean or vegetarian protein sources, lots of leafy veggies, whole grains, fresh water and healthy beverages. The old adages of “eating for two” or “just go wild, you’re pregnant” do not serve you or your child. In fact, eating a lot of junk puts you and your baby at risk for preterm labor, low birth weight, gestational diabetes, a baby with a predisposition to be overweight and a very hard time for you to lose your pregnancy weight, which often adds to the risk of postpartum depression.


2. Move: It is important to move a little every day if you can. Even just aiming for light stretching/yoga or a light walk greatly benefits your body.


3. Meditate: This is also a great time to commit to or start a meditation practice. Amazing what that will do for your mind, heart and spirit during this wild ride of meditation-609235_640pregnancy. Just a few minutes can do wonders. It will help you learn to discipline your mind to savor those precious “free” moments you have, to stop the anxiety, push aside the to-do list, and soften the constant inner chatter.


4. Love: Attention expecting mama: your heart is about to explode over and over like you won’t believe! This love begins to grow and radiate throughout your pregnancy. Let it shine on yourself, too. You are embarking on what is possibly your biggest and most amazing life project, giving life! So, be proud of yourself. Acknowledge how much work it is, and take care of yourself. If you are the type to not do a lot of self-care, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a try. Go get prenatal massages, prenatal yoga classes, natural pedi/manis, splurge on healthy treats, etc. This is the time to baby yourself, because soon all of your attention will be going to your real baby.


5. Connect: Women often speak of how they feel like a true woman during their pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time to connect to your female power and the women around you. Everything becomes more woman. Your boobs get bigger, your belly obviously gets bigger, your hair grows like crazy, your fingernails grow and become stronger, you have a sexy glow… It’s no coincidence that men find pregnant women so gorgeous. It’s because it is heightened womanhood. Nowadays, it is totally acceptable to rock your belly, which is awesome. You no longer have to wear gingham tent dresses. To me, there is nothing sexier than seeing a fit, strong, pregnant woman wearing clothes that accentuate her baby belly.


6. Communicate: Ah, communication. Hard for most of us. This is a crucial time to look at your patterns in regards to communication. If you are someone that avoids confrontation to the nth degree, now is the time to muster up courage, and learn to speak up. If you are someone who lashes out and is filled with drama, this is a time for you to learn to hold your tongue, and focus on the important stuff.”