10,000 Toddlers on Psychostimulants


Currently, an estimated 10,000 toddlers, ages 2-3, are on psychostimulants for ADHD. 

We are known as a nation that has “a pill for everything.” Meanwhile, there are alternatives to ADHD medication! They are worth a try- natural first, drugs last.


  1. Create a routine
  2. Relaxation
  3. Bedtime massage
  4. Diet and nutrition
  5. Natural Rx
  6. Technology timeout
  7. Minimal medication
  8. Communication

Most of our kids are perpetually plugged in–texting on their cell phones, playing computer games, watching TV for hours on end. This constant electronic stimulation not only fragments their attention but also exposes them to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) at potentially harmful levels. When a child is sensitive, this exposure agitates his nervous system.

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